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Olympia Cocktail


In these times of “sheltering” at home, I thought sharing new recipes or cocktails might be fun. This week, I am featuring the Olympia Cocktail, which has an awesome video of the famous Savoy Hotel in Britain creating “their” version. Enjoy!

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Melting Chocolate Cake


During times like these, I find that baking tends to calm me down, yet sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ideas that Richard and I will both like (enter melting chocolate cake).

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Date Nights


The news hasn’t been good: business and schools have shut their doors. Heck, even some countries have shut down. And the story is awful in other ways. For instance, I read that the divorce rate in China is heading north, and social distancing is to blame. Apparently, lots of forced alone time is not beneficial to many relationships. Date nights are a perfect way to keep you close.

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Vacations, even simple weekend getaways, can be full of adventure — that’s part of the great appeal, after all — but if you value a delicious, high-quality meal along with your adventure, then check out these four apps for different travel needs that can direct you to the best places to savor a great meal.

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Food Tips for Budapest

Budapest is full of wonders. So, regardless of why you are visiting whether it’s to take in all the detailed architecture, to soak in the history, or to enjoy all of the natural sites, don’t leave without indulging in the delicious authentic dishes served throughout the nation. Your palette will be dancing with all the rich flavors. To guide you to some of the best spots to grab food in Budapest, we’ve created a list of 8 food lover tips for your visit…

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International Travel Documents

The two-pronged dilemma about international travel documents during vacations has been “what to bring” and “how to keep them safe”. These are valid questions because one red line that must not be crossed when traveling is international immigrations line. Hence, much attention is placed on the documents to be carried along.

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old london town bridge


LONDON ENGLAND We all love The Old London Town, but how much do we know about the old London town? London got its name from the Celtic word Londinios, which means “The Place of the Bold One”.  Although the name is Celtic derived, the Romans were responsible for the city

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Top 6 Romantic Culinary Destinations

For lovers, lovers of wine, lovers of good food, for lovers who wish to leave the beaten track and discover new sensations, new perfumes, new tastes; for lovers who like to be surprised and discover the best of Europe, for lovers who are looking for unique and authentic experiences, we have selected the best gastronomic destinations in Europe.

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Paris is sweet on the eye, sweet on the romance and sweet on the palette. It is a sugar lovers dream and the only problem you’ll have when it comes the delectible French deserts is which one to choose. To help you navigate that yummy last course we’ve broken down the top 10 must try deserts for your visit to France. And if you have to eat more than one a day just to get through them? Well, c’est la vie!

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What is something that I geek out about? I love romantic vacations and specifically we love regional cooking classes together. We are foodies as well as romantics and we really enjoy this adventure together. We learn some new tricks to bring home to show our families as well. Then we look like the experts.

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