Experience La Bella Vita in Tuscany, Italy

Ah, la bella vita. Nobody does romance quite like the Italians—and nowhere is love more alive than in Tuscany, where rolling hills and crumbling castles dot the landscape … and where you can walk hand in hand with your partner down just about any cobblestone street and find another amazing Italian wonder waiting for you.

Experience the romance of Tuscany when you …

Refine a new skill together with a private cooking class; learn how to roll fluffy gnocchi, sautée veggies fresh from the garden, and sear some famous Florentine steak—then sit down with your partner to enjoy the most incredible meal in the most incredible surroundings.

Hire a driver and wind your way through Tuscan wine country, stopping to sip robust reds and delicate whites at grand estates. Take home a bottle that will age well from your favorite estate—years later, you can uncork it and reminisce about your romantic escape over a delicious glass!

Climb to the top of Piazza Michelangelo in Florence, the capital of Tuscany, right before the sunset. Take in the last of the day’s rays as they illuminate the breathtaking Renaissance city.


Get Swept Away in Croatia With Romance and Beauty

Sun-bleached red-roofed homes that seem to tumble into the sea, a dramatic, rugged coastline that rivals the Italian Rivieria … Croatia may just be the next big “It” destination for romantics filled with wanderlust.

Experience the romance of Croatia when you …

Take a stroll through charming Dubrovnik, Croatia’s capital city. The limestone streets pulsate with history, and the glittering blue of the Atlantic winks at you from nearly every corner of the city.

Clink together your glasses on a sunset champagne cruise off the coast of Split, where the majestic coastal mountains seem to melt into the sea.

Sip your way through Croatia’s southern wine country as you taste zingy zinfandels and other Croatian delicacies—pack a romantic picnic lunch to dine among the vines.


Celebrate Your Classic Romance in Bordeaux, France

Yes, the City of Light gets much of the attention when it comes to romance in France—but don’t overlook another charming city that’s simply brimming with discoveries (and lots of good food and wine, to boot). Everywhere you look there is spellbinding architecture and design to feast your eyes on; in fact, Bordeaux is home to the world’s largest UNESCO world heritage site!

Experience the romance of Bordeaux when you …

Book an exclusive tour at one of the grand cru chateaux that dot Bordeaux’s countryside—you can’t visit this region without tasting at least a handful of the world-famous wines!

Rent matching bikes and cycle together down the banks of the River Garonne, marveling at the 18th-century palaces you whiz past; before you set off, be sure to stop by a boulangerie for a baguette or two, for some riverside nibbles.

Retire each night to your posh Parisian boutique hotel and watch the sunset over the elegant, imposing Place de la Bourse on your balcony—each morning, awake to the smells of rich butter and fresh fruits simmering for your gourmet breakfast.


Experience Paris, France

Paris exudes romance; there are so many options to enjoy the romantic city of lights. From picnic lunches to romantic sunset cruises along the Seine, or just as simple as the wall of love. From sultry bars, charming cafes to 3-star Michelin restaurants, love will abound…

Experience the romance of Paris when you …

Lean in for a kiss while you go under the Pont-Marie (one of the many lovers’ bridges in Paris), it’s a tradition while you are on a sunset cruise of the Seine. Enjoying the beautiful sites from the water view of the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Tie up your aprons and join each other in the kitchen for immersion in Parisian cooking class. Enjoy learning how to cook a Parisian meal together, maybe coq au vin, mussels in white wine sauce, or maybe some baguettes? After your learning is done, sit down together with a glass of French wine and enjoy the meal together that you just created.


Maybe you want to visit the “Wall of Love” together while in Paris (“Le Mur Des Je t’aime”). Tucked away in Montmartre’s garden square, the wall of love attracts hundreds of lovebirds every day! The mural was created in 2000 and has hundreds of variations of I Love You in 250 different languages and dialects. It’s sure to inspire some love!


Experience Rome, Italy

On your Italian voyage, here are a few romantic things you can experience in Rome. Not only candlelit dinners, gorgeous sunsets, and romantic horse-drawn carriages, but also the local heritage and iconic sites. There is love around just about every corner and turn.

Experience the romance of Rome when you …

Tour the city in a horse-drawn carriage; enjoy a fairytale-like ride along the cobblestones, comfortable seats snuggled next to your Amore. Traveling at night just increases the romance. Your horseman will take you on a pleasant tour and regale you with tales.

How about a romantic candlelit dinner on the rooftop restaurant of Hotel Raphael? Panoramic views abound from The Terrace Restaurant. While savoring mouthwatering Italian dishes, you can see many historic sites from all sides. Delight in the romance with your love while soaking in the experience.

Toss in a coin in the Trevi Fountain. Known to be one of the most romantic places in Rome, the Trevi Fountain is known for how many coins are tossed in. One coin for a return to Rome, two coins for a new romance, and three coins for a marriage. Which one will fit you and your Amore?


Experience Venice, Italy

Nobody does romance quite like the Italians—enchanting little passageways and streets, strolling beside the many canals, locating all the secret little corners. … floating down canals, walking hand in hand with your partner down just about any cobblestone street, and finding another amazing Italian wonder waiting for you.

Experience the romance of Venice when you …

Relax as you float down the Grand Canal, snuggling on your gondola ride, a quintessential romantic thing for couples visiting Venice for the first time. Get cozy, hold hands, soak in the beauty of the old palaces and architecture all around you. If your gondolier permits, you can even bring along a nice wine to make your ride even more enjoyable!

Stroll down the Rialto bridge at night, basking in the glow of the lights from the bridge. Not only is the bridge memorable, but it’s one of Venice’s most romantic locations. This is Venice’s oldest bridge, and it’s 48 m long. The Rialto holds some of the most spectacular views of the city, so hold hands and enjoy this together!

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