Meet The Amore Team

Meet Cathy Rowland

I am the owner and lead travel designer at Amore Travel Designs. Travel is my passion and that is why I became a luxury travel designer.  Travel creates such exceptional memories and experiences, while connecting us to different cultures.  I am a mother of 3 grown children, I have 4 beautiful grandchildren and my love of my life is my best friend, my husband. 

I’ve always loved to travel. Travel inspires discovery—to incredible destinations, warm and friendly people, to delicious cuisines and breathtaking landscapes. 

But above all, I think travel is about connecting to the ones you travel with, whether it’s your family, your cherished friends, or your spouse. 

Meet Amber Phipps

Born and raised in Colorado with the wonderful mountain scenery in my own backyard, I learned to appreciate the beauty in our world at an early age.  I fell in love with travel when I was a young child and have never looked back. 

Since then, I have lived in three different countries and traveled to six continents and over forty-one unique locations across the globe. 

Immersing myself in many varied cultures, has formed the person I am today. I never come home from a trip without bringing some of that culture with me. It’s more than a souvenir to sit on my shelf, but rather a personal change—a growth in my understanding of myself and others. 

As a travel advisor, my focus is on luxury and high-end wellness travel—adventures that feed not only your body, but your soul. Why not come back from your next vacation feeling recharged and ready to face whatever comes before you? Let me help you find your best adventure yet. I guarantee you’ll come home with more than just a fabulous photo to hang on your wall. You’ll come home with memories of people and places that will last a lifetime. Let’s do this.

Meet Jessica Swanson

I am new to the travel industry and I’m so excited to get busy! I’ve been a hairstylist for 27 years and I love working with people and figuring out how to make them happy. I’ve been passionate about travel my whole life and have made a hobby of finding great vacations for friends. I’ve traveled through Western Europe, I lived in Ireland, and have family in the UK. I also love a great beach vacation when I want to relax. I’ve been on several cruises and found that it’s a great way to see many different areas and I’m  focusing on finding the best cruises around the world!

Meet Cinthia Evone

My passion for the world of travel started in high school with a group ski trip to Wolf Creek, Colorado from our small desert town in New Mexico. From there, my first taste of the freedom and fellowship that travel investing returns were discovered. 

Today I live within 30-minutes of 6 world class ski resorts, and have an obsession connecting others to their greatest adventures. 

I love designing European ski vacations curated specifically for your group, so that each person experiences grand adventures, creating memories and friendships you carry throughout life.

Meet David Kufeke

Hello, my name is David and while I am brand new to the travel industry, I have had a burning desire to not only travel, but work in the travel industry, since a young age. I was in the Colorado Army National Guard for 12 years and have worked in multiple different areas on the civilian side including Social Work and Land Surveying prior to making the switch to become a Travel Advisor. One Christmas break while in college I was fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks in Kenya where I was able to do different activities such as hike Mount Kenya and spend a full week on safari in Amboseli National Park where I was able to see the native wildlife up close and personal. It was this adventure that really set my heart ablaze for traveling and it has never stopped!

Meet Charlie Layne

Hello, I am Charlie (they/them). I am transitioning to the luxury travel industry from a career in customer service! 

Around 5 years ago I spent a summer in Yellowstone National Park. There I found my True North and I have been exploring ever since!

Discovering new places around the world,  learning from different cultures and creating vibrant relationships are the true wealth we may gain in this life. It is time to break free of your comfort zone; widen your worldview and do so safely with pride! Travel, following the curiosity to explore the planet and oneself, should be for everyone.

 With me as your travel designer, you will immediately feel the passion I have for creating inclusive, safe and sustainable travel experiences for the Queer community.  Adventure is worthwhile and the sky is the limit! With so much world and so little time, let’s travel far, eat well and keep our heads in the clouds.

Meet Yasmine Lawson

My name is Yasmine and I serve as the administrative assistant at Amore Travel Designs. I was born in Riverside, California and raised in Aurora, Colorado. I’m a student at Colorado State University studying sociology, business administration, and legal studies. 

While I’m new to the travel industry, I’ve visited my fair share of places around the States. One of my favorite things about traveling is interacting with new people and new ways of living. I also enjoy the self-care aspect of travel and how it shifts your perspective of the world. I have many places on my bucket list, but my dream place to visit is Italy. 

Helping people achieve their goals is one of my passions and I’m excited to be able to do so at Amore Travel Designs.

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