should i use an advisor? do they still even exist?

Important question!

The wonders of the internet. So much information with a few keystrokes, but sometimes you still need a professional. Believe it or not, because of the internet, and not despite it, is why travel advisors are more relevant now.  It is the difference between a plain “box” vacation that everyone takes and an authentic experience that immerses you in the culture and has you bringing home memories for years to come.

Starting online is a good beginning, but the necessary details and being sure you are picking the right hotels, the right experiences, the right destination, and everything in between is where you will benefit the most from using an advisor’s knowledge. 

In the landscape of Covid, an advisor is that much more important and relevant.  From being on top of the new regulations to the re-booking and rescheduling of vacations, having an advisor is invaluable and well worth the professional fee that comes along with that.

can travel advisors get it cheaper?

Frequent Question!

The general perception I hear is that travel agents can get it cheaper and the response to this is yes and no. With our relationships with suppliers, we have “buying power” that internet searches cannot match.  Occasionally that means we can get better rates, but sometimes it means we can get better value.  By this I mean, while the rates might be the same, we can get access to upgrades, complimentary breakfast, resort credits, or similar amenities and benefits, enhancing your investment.

As an advisor, I leverage these relationships for my clients to have the best experience and value for money.

when is the best time to contact a travel advisor?

Perfect Question!

As soon as you have decided you are ready to go on a vacation is the perfect time to contact your travel advisor.  Especially in today’s climate of travel — the more time, the better.  There is a limited capacity of hotels, flights, and tours, and with all the rescheduling and re-booking going on, the availability is very limited; meaning your chances of getting the perfect room or tour dwindles with every passing day.

You will need a few details to get things started, such as potential dates, number of travelers, budget for the perfect experience, and of course, the destination of interest.  As a travel professional, I would be happy to offer up suggestions for hotels, authentic experiences, and more!

With that said, planning the perfect itinerary for your vacation takes a lot of time and research from an advisor, so it’s best to be sure you are committed to the process before contacting your travel advisor. 

How are travel advisors paid?

Great question!

Travel advisors are paid in 3 ways. In collaboration with suppliers, we are paid a small commission from some bookings on hotels and tours. We are paid with professional planning fees. And lastly, we are paid by referrals from happy clients.


Important question!

One of the best reasons to use a travel advisor is for when things don’t go as planned.  Having someone in your corner to resolve your issue quickly is an invaluable benefit to using a travel advisor. 

Being in the “profession”, travel advisors might be aware of a potential problem even before you are aware of it; and therefore are ready with a solution.

Flight cancellation and delays are the main sources of frustration for travelers. However, having a travel advisor at the ready, you could enjoy a snack or a meal while the advisor looks into the details of rescheduling a new flight while contacting the hotel to let them know there is a change in arrival times and rescheduling your tour to boot.  


Another Great Question!

In the days of brick and mortar travel agencies, a travel agent was someone who was an “order taker”.  All day, they just booked what the client requested, such as flights, hotels, etc. 

A travel advisor, however, has evolved from the travel agent.  No longer are they “order takers”.  With the birth of the internet, there is literally “too much” information now.  If you were to Google “Mexico Vacation” you would get over 300,000 results.  Do you really want to “wade” through that?  As a travel advisor, I will give you what you actually need and save you that precious asset, TIME!  Travel advisors are there to guide, research, narrow down, and suggest the right experience for the client.

Using a travel advisor, you get that expert advice without hours of endless reviews and searching.  On top of the expertise and knowledge, I can leverage partner relationships being sure to find the right fit for the client. 
Many people believe using a travel advisor is more expensive.  While there is a professional planning fee, as many of the suppliers pay little or no commission, it’s well worth the time you save and the knowledge you will gain from a professional.  Imagine hiring a lawyer or a financial advisor and not paying them.  You wouldn’t expect to not pay them. The same is true with a travel professional.

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