Meet Cathy

Hi, I’m Cathy Rowland

Your Luxury Travel Designer

I’ve always loved to travel. Travel inspires discovery—to incredible destinations, warm and friendly people, to delicious cuisines and breathtaking landscapes. 

But above all, I think travel is about connecting to the ones you travel with, whether it’s your family, your cherished friends, or your spouse. 

Now more than ever, we crave meaningful connection with the ones we love most—but finding the time and space to cultivate deep connection? It’s hard, to say the least. 

Enter: Travel. In fact, I realized just how powerful travel can be for connection on a vacation to one of my favorite places in the world: Verona, Italy. 

My husband and I were finally taking a vacation just for us, without the kids. We booked a stay at a charming villa that included a private tour of the vineyard and a multi course gourmet lunch. As we settled into the intimate restaurant, in a little alcove that felt like it was built just for the two of us, we knew we were in for a treat.  


We were looking to reconnect....

From the cheese course to the charcuterie to the ruby red beet pasta and lavender honey gelato, every course was a revelation.

The biggest revelation, though, was just how much we had missed each other. We spent hours joking together over that lunch, marveling at how lucky we were to be sharing such a special moment in such a special place.

Between the hectic years raising our kids, balancing work, and running through the never-ending daily to-do lists, it had been a long time since we put connecting with one another first.

Travel was just what we needed—and I didn’t even realize it until we sat down for that lunch!


Now, as a Luxury Travel Designer; I want to help YOU discover the power of perfectly planned travel.

Maybe you’re the proud parent (or grandparent!) of kids growing up way too fast, and you want to sock away memories on a magical vacation that indulges their curiosity. 

Or maybe you’re ready for the ultimate getaway with your friends as a group, where you forget about all your day-to-day worries as you laugh your way through an incredible destination. 

Or maybe you—like my husband and I—are ready to finally reconnect to your partner, and you know there’s no better backdrop for re-sparking romance than an indulgent, intimate escape.

Let me help you do it right.

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