LONDON ENGLAND Its name is derived from the Celtic word Londinios, which means “The Place of the Bold One”.  It was the Romans who were responsible for the city we know today as London.  The strategic location of the city allowed the Romans easy access to Europe, and the River

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When in Rome….

In the Beginning…. Located in the region of Lazio, Rome’s origins are traced by legend to Romulus and Remus, twin sons of Mars, the god of war.  According to Roman mythology, the brothers disagreed over where to locate the new city.  Each brother stood on one of Rome’s seven hills,

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C’est la Vive Paris

OH PARIS!  Paris was founded around the end of the 3rd century BC by the Gaul’s who were called Parisii. In 52 BC Julius Caesar’s legions conquered the territory, founding the Roman city, Lutetia on the earlier settlement. TRAVELING TO PARIS – MONEY VisVisa and MasterCard are accepted by most

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Icelandic Delights

Bella the Bulldog I don’t normally post these types of things on my blog, but I just lost my best buddy this past weekend and I want to celebrate what a great dog she was, and be sure she is remembered always. She was my constant sidekick from the age

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Cuban Beaches

Vacationers from all around the world flock to this beautiful Caribbean island for the warm beautiful weather. The beaches in Cuba are simply magnificent! The warm climate and turquoise waters invite tourists throughout the year.

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Snuggle up to These Amazing and Romantic Island Getaways

For the ultimate tropical fantasy, check out Fiji with over 300 separate islands — many of them almost completely untouched — this place really has it all. Pamper yourself in a secluded, luxurious resort. Take a walk through one of the world’s largest Asian orchid collections. Visit the shores where Tom Hanks taught himself to fish and create fire in Castaway.

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The Secret to Having the Best Trip of your Life

It seems like every few months, a new travel app comes out, or some new website pops up promising the best deals ever. And while certainly technology can make many things about travel more organized, the secret to the best trip of your life has been around much longer than aggregate travel sites.

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The “Wanderlust Gene”?

Scientists may have found the “wanderlust gene.” Do you have it? You know them when you meet them: those people who always keep their passport on hand, who can pack for an international trip in about twenty minutes flat, who’ve almost never met a travel idea they didn’t like, who would rather take three international trips a year than own a car.

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Top 6 Romantic Culinary Destinations

For lovers, lovers of wine, lovers of good food, for lovers who wish to leave the beaten track and discover new sensations, new perfumes, new tastes; for lovers who like to be surprised and discover the best of Europe, for lovers who are looking for unique and authentic experiences, we have selected the best gastronomic destinations in Europe.

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In the travel industry, we are in the Wave Season. So what is that? Now that the holidays are over, people are ready to get their vacation nailed down for the season so that they have something to look forward to during the winter months. They also need to get their vacation time scheduled off for work, so that they get the best dates for their trip.

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