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A Nile cruise is a magical journey that transports you through Egypt’s rich history and culture. As the lifeline of Egypt, the Nile has nourished civilizations for millennia. Cruising along its tranquil waters is an unparalleled way to experience the country’s most iconic landmarks and scenic beauty. I have been fascinated by this country and it’s ancient history since I was very young. Join us as we explore the wonders of the Nile and the best way to explore is using the same route the ancient Egyptians did, via a boat on the Nile.

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Italian restaurants


Italy offers diverse dining experiences. Each restaurant type has unique characteristics with something to suit every mood and occasion. However, it can be confusing for new travelers to the area to know what suits their needs and budget. Join us as we explain Italian Restaurants Decoded.

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Top Travel Items


One of the most common questions we are asked relates to packing, what to pack and how much, particularly as airlines start to squeeze us as they increasingly charge for baggage. With space at a premium one category especially we receive a lot of questions for is ‘what are your top 5 travel items?’ We’re happy to give you our list but would love to hear yours as well since these can be very personal and divisive.

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Napa Valley


Dreaming of a luxurious Napa Valley escape? We’ve curated the top five must-visit spots and accommodations for an unforgettable trip. Napa Valley, renowned for its world-class wineries and stunning landscapes, offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, a foodie, or simply seeking a serene retreat, Napa Valley has something special for you. Let’s dive into the best places to visit and stay in this enchanting region!

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Have you been needing to renew your passport and putting it off? Renewing that passport just got easier. The U.S. State Department has launched a new beta online passport renewal system. It’s fast and convenient and makes for an easy passport renewal experience. Time to dust it off and get ready for your next adventure!

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Tuscany countryside cheers


Once we hit the mainland after our recent Sardinia and Corsica trip, it was our mission to travel through the rural Tuscan Countryside avoiding the big cities. You almost certainly need to take advantage of a car rental to appreciate as much of this area as you can, unless you want to stay at a single location. Read on as we continue delving into Tuscany.

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Corsica is a Mediterranean gem, boasting stunning landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. This is where the French go for their vacations and is perfect for a luxury getaway. Its blend of rugged mountains, pristine beaches, and charming villages creates a unique destination. Our recent trip was a voyage of discovery to this island. Here are the top five resorts in Corsica that offer unparalleled luxury, unforgettable experiences and help to uncover enchanting Corsica.

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Sardinian coast


Sardinia, Italy’s second-largest island, offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and luxury. Picture-perfect beaches, turquoise waters, and rugged landscapes await. The southern part of the island has beautiful beaches, some only reachable by a hike or boat, but much quieter as a result. The popular Costa Smeralda on the northern part of the island is a luxurious paradise popular with the yachting community and a retreat for celebrities and royalty. Let’s explore the top resorts to visit in this Mediterranean paradise as we discover Sardinia.

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We all love Italy, and for many reasons. Whether its ancient architecture, natural beauty, wonderful beaches and of course the dolce vita. It’s no secret Italy is our favorite destination, and two of the many reasons are the food and the wine. Join us as we explore our gastronomic Italy.

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Islas Secas Panama


The ultimate private tropical playground for friends and family! If you are looking for private island bliss, I have just the place for you! Islas Secas in Panama. On the Pacific Coast of Panama, you will find untamed beauty. “With 13 of our 14 islands left untouched, our immersive experiences bring guests up close to the raw, natural beauty of Panama’s wild Pacific Coast. From nature trails to whale watching, surfing, scuba diving and wellness activities deeply rooted in our surroundings, we love nothing more than sharing our ethos of adventure, discovery and conservation with our guests.” This quote was shared from the website.

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