Food Tips for Budapest


Budapest is full of wonders. So, regardless of why you are visiting whether it’s to take in all the detailed architecture, to soak in the history, or to enjoy all of the natural sites, don’t leave without indulging in the delicious authentic dishes served throughout the nation. Your palette will be dancing with all the rich flavors. To guide you to some of the best spots to grab food in Budapest, we’ve created a list of 8 food lover tips for your visit…

Langos Food In Budepest

Langos food in Budapest

You most certainly can’t leave Budapest without trying one it’s most traditional foods, langos. Langos is a flat bread that is deep fried in fat and can be served plain or smothered with cheese blends and other flavorful toppings. You can find langos nearly anywhere but we recommend heading to the Central Market Hall.

Hungarian Cooking Course

Hungarian Food Course in Budapest

If you love cooking and eating, sign up for a Hungarian cooking course. These courses are ea to find online and you will get to experience an authentic three course meal that you helped create.

Budapest International Wine Festival

Budapest International Wine Festival for Food

Every year from September 5th to 8th, you can catch the Budapest International Wine Festival. This festival has been running for many years and has become custom to the natives and tourists, alike.

Budapest Palinka and Sausage Festival

If you’re in the country in October, definitely make your way to the Budapest Palinka and Sausage Festival to try some of the amazing European brandy paired with any of the many sausage varieties you will find throughout the stands.

Hungarian Unicum

Hungarian Unicum is one of the most celebrated liquors in the country. It’s in herbal bitter that aids in digestion which you will find helps tremendously after delving into all of the spicy street foods. You can also head to the Zwack Museum to learn all about the miracle liquor.

Etyek-Buda Wine Region

 Etyek-Buda Wine Region - Food in Budapest

Make way to the Etyek-Buda Wine Region to experience one of the main wine producing villages that has been around since the 18th century. This winery makes for a great day trip. Just prepare yourself to try dozens of varieties.

Szamos Marzipan Museum

Szamos Marzipan Museum in Budapest

Anyone who loves the age old delicacy marzipan, visit Szamos Marzipan, a museum in honor of the artists Mátyás Szamos and Károly Szabó. These artists started shaping marzipan into the shapes of flowers and other beautiful creations back in the 1930’s and this museum intends to keep their spirit and tasty treats alive.

Mangalica & Társai Húspatika Food In Budapest

Mangalica & Társai Húspatika Budapest food

If you have a fond love in your heart for delis you are going to adore Mangalica & Társai Húspatika. This deli has everything from an assorted salamis, cured hams and more. This deli stands today in dedication of the curly-haired mangalica pig which is a domesticated, extremely furry Hungarian swine.

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