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The ConsumersAdvocate.org contacted me this morning regarding my previous blog post about “How the Travel Industry Works” and they completed over 200+ hours of research on travel insurance in the post pandemic traveling world.  We are not all traveling yet (although most of us are now booking new ones) but travel insurance is still something that most of don’t understand.  They have done a comprehensive article that explains this wonderfully, and things to think about when purchasing (or not) travel insurance. 

travel insurance
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Should you purchase travel insurance?

I have this conversation with every one of my clients. I think that’s what I liked about their research, as it answers a lot of questions that my clients ask me. As I am not an insurance agent, it’s helpful to have all of this research in one location.

travel insurance

Considering travel insurance?

“Considering travel insurance? Check out this guide from ConsumersAdvocate.org for a better idea of what to expect and what the fine print entails.” 

Do you have questions? Cabin fever? A bucket list trip you are dying to have? I anticipate significant pent up demand for luxury travel with the “all clear” announcement. And, with “social distancing”, there won’t be as much “space” to book. It’s not too early to plan ahead. The best way is to click HERE and set up a consultation to discuss your dream trip.” I look forward to helping you create new memories with your travel.

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