Visiting Croatia, you must be armed with a brief history of Croatia. At one time the Roman province of Pannonia, was settled in the 7th century by the Croats. They converted to Christianity between the 7th and 9th centuries. And they consequently adopted the Roman alphabet under the suzerainty of Charlemagne. In 925, the Croats defeated Byzantine and Frankish invaders and established their own independent kingdom. However, the kingdom reached its peak during the 11th century.

War and Peace in the History of Croatia

where game of thrones was shot

When Germany invaded Yugoslavia in 1941, Croatia became a Nazi puppet state. Croatian Fascists, the Ustashi, slaughtered countless Serbs and Jews during the war. Croatia was made into a republic of the newly reconstituted Communist nation of Yugoslavia after Germany was defeated in 1945, . However, Croatian nationalism persisted.

After Yugoslavian leader Josip Broz Tito’s death in 1980, Croatia’s demands for independence increased in intensity. Subsequently, in 1990, free elections were held, and the Communists were defeated by a nationalist party led by Franjo Tudjman. Furthermore, in June 1991, the Croatian parliament passed a declaration of independence from Yugoslavia.

Six months of intensive fighting with the Serbian-dominated Yugoslavian army followed, claiming thousands of lives and wreaking mass destruction. In December 1995, the Dayton peace agreement was signed bringing some peace to the area at last.

history of croatia


Foods: The people of croatia have a variation of foods which include; Peka, Lamb on the spit, Punjena paprika,Octopus salad, Cevapi, Pasticada, Pršut & Pag cheese, Crni rižot, Zagorski Štrukli, Čobanac and Brudet.

food in croatia

Drinks: While they have a lot of foods, their drinks are not as much Craft beer, Grappa, Travarica, Rakija sok od, Bazge and Smrikva.  

crafr bear in croatia

Bucket List Things to do

  • Go hunting for truffles in Istria
  • Zipline in Omis
  • Visit the Famous Blue cave
  • Swim underneath Krka Waterfall National Park
  • Experience dinner in the sky
  • Canyoning by the Cetina River

Family Travel Highlights

  • Visit the museum of illusions
  • See the Split Aquarium
  • Enjoy at Istralandia Water Park
  • Take a ferry ride around islands
history of croatia

5 Great Stops in Dubrovnik for Game of Thrones Fans

Dubrovnik, Croatia is a lovely city where the production of the show takes place. The land has a rich culture and these five places are top attractions for fan visitors.

The Jesuit Stairs

These famous Baroque stairs appeared in Season Five of the series during the infamous ‘Walk of Shame’ scene.  The stairs extend from Gundulic Square to St. Ignatius Church and embrace Spanish architecture.  The iconic scene catapulted the popularity of the location and as a result, it has become a frequently visited landmark.  The view from the top is charming and gives you a great view of the city.

Fort Lovrijenac

This area is often referred to as St. Lawrence Fortress and the area is a theater located on the outskirts of the western walls of the Old Town in Dubrovnik.  The interior of the fortress is used for filming the halls of the ‘Red Keep’ while the exterior captures Blackwater Bay.  Visitors are welcome to navigate the fort and experience the ancient history that lies within.

City Walls

The amazing City Walls of Dubrovnik were a major deciding factor with producers when selecting Dubrovnik to shoot this beloved series.  Also, countless scenes feature the Medieval style walls including scenes near the Narrow Sea and many private walks taken on the show.

You can take a tour of the walls for a small fee.  There are three main entrances, and while taking the tour you will get a chance to see Lovrijenac Fortress and capture beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea.

Tresteno Arboretum

This site is a major filming location, you know it as the Kings Landing and Red Keep’s Garden on the show.  Firstly, It’s actually located 10 miles from Dubrovnik. Secondly, the park is stunning and it encapsulates the privacy that’s represented in the series. Thirdly, It’s one of the oldest arboretum’s in the world and the hedges combined with the floral selections are simply immaculate.

Island of Lokrum

This island is located 600 meters from the city and is home to the popular ‘Iron Throne’.  The throne is housed in the Visitors Center and is free for spectators.  Therefore you are welcome to pose and snap a few pics sitting on the throne if you’d like.

Other Games of Thrones points of interest in Lokrum include the botanical gardens (located off the coast) featured in the city of Quarth as well as the monastery. The essence of the show is everywhere in Dubrovnik.  As a result, when you walk the streets you will surely recognize details and signature scenes from the series. 

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