Meet David

Hi, I’m David Kufeke

Your Adventure Travel Designer

Hello, my name is David and while I am brand new to the travel industry, I have had a burning desire to not only travel, but work in the travel industry, since a young age. I was in the Colorado Army National Guard for 12 years and have worked in multiple different areas on the civilian side including Social Work and Land Surveying prior to making the switch to become a Travel Advisor. One Christmas break while in college I was fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks in Kenya where I was able to do different activities such as hike Mount Kenya and spend a full week on safari in Amboseli National Park where I was able to see the native wildlife up close and personal. It was this adventure that really set my heart ablaze for traveling and it has never stopped!


What's Around The Corner?

Like my trip to Kenya demonstrates I approach my life with a deep craving for adventure in many areas of my life. Being a Colorado native I am fortunate enough to have quick access to some of the best outdoor sports and activities not only in the United States, but the world. Do you crave adventure too? Do you have a group that you love to do adventurous things with? Does going on a week-long fishing trip to Alaska to chase salmon sound like your type of adventure? Or maybe traveling to Scotland to play golf at St. Andrews is more up your alley? I would love to have the opportunity to plan your next adventure with you. The benefit to you is most of the hard work and detailed planning is done for you. Whatever your type of adventure with me as your travel planner you get to focus more on the fun parts of your adventure and less on the stressful parts traveling that come with planning a trip on your own.    


Would You Prefer A Luxurious Vacation?

with your family or a travel group? I would be honored to work with you to plan your next group vacation. Whether it is a family vacation to a family friendly destination or an educational sightseeing trip to a historical destination with a large group with me as your travel planner and advisor you will have opportunities available to you that you would not be able to find on your own.

Do you desire to travel without the hassle and stress of planning it all on your own?

Let’s work together to plan the vacation of your dreams!