Meet Cinthia Evone

Hello, Ciao, Bonjour, Griezi, Servus!

Your Luxury Ski Travel Tailor

My passion for the world of travel started in high school with a group ski trip to Wolf Creek, Colorado from our small desert town in New Mexico. From there, my first taste of the freedom and fellowship that travel investing returns were discovered. 

Today I live within 30-minutes of 6 world class ski resorts, and have an obsession connecting others to their greatest adventures.

I love designing European ski vacations curated specifically for your group, so that each person experiences grand adventures, creating memories and friendships you carry throughout life.


No value can be placed on YOUR time…

It isn’t enough to inspire big dreams while traveling, I want to empower you to live a life full of adventure. The precious time you spend awake is priceless, and putting together a group  adventure can be much like arranging an intricate moving puzzle.

With me as your personal travel tailor, customizing each detail of your trip, you are left with the fun part of travel planning, and less of the headaches of organizing it on your own. End goal: You are left with more time before, during and after your travel to experience the unforgettable moments in life with those you love.

I look forward to collaborating on your grand adventures!


Three trips on my adventure bucket list?

  1. Family trip to ski France, Switzerland and Italy in one day! 
  1. Hike Mount Kilimanjaro, Safari and volunteer work in Tanzania, and Kenya.
  1. Eco-friendly cruise to Antarctica 

Do you want to experience the comfort of adventuring the world with a customized travel tailor outside of the ski season?

In love of travel, Cinthia Evone

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